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In February 2010 we visited the Airborne museum in Oosterbeek in the former Hotel "Hartenstein". The museum was renovated and everything is looking crisp again. The new experience is a valuable new part of the museum. Because the new experience is very realistic it is not recommend for young children.

The Airborne Museum 'Hartenstein' focuses on The Battle of Arnhem, a crucial part of Operation Market Garden, which took place in September 1944. After heavy fighting the Allied Forces had to withdraw because of the heavy German counterattacks. The operation was an attempt to cross the Rhine river in order to capture the industrial areas and avoid taking the Siegfried line.

In 1980 the museum was opened in the former Hotel Hartenstein in Oosterbeek. The hotel was the headquarters Walter Model and during operation Market Garden it was the HQ of Major General Roy Urquhart. The museum is close to the Airborne cemetery where several hundred of the Allied casualties are buried.

You can visit the Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery were you can find the graves of the heroes who found and sadly died during the battle.

  The experience


Mortar and 75mm Pack Howitzer M8 (Airborne)


Outside the museum there is a nice park were you can find memorials and some anti-tank guns and even a Sherman tank.

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

To the memory of the Royal Air Force, Commonwealth and United States Aircrew who died on Operation Market Garden, September 1944.

"In memoria aeterna"

To the people of Gelderland

50 years ago British & Polish Airborne soldiers fought here against overwhelming odds to open the way into Germany and bring the war to an early end. Instead we brought death and destruction for which we you have never blamed us. This stone marks our admiration for your great courage, remembering especially the women who tended our wounded. In the long winter that followed your families risked death by hiding Allied soldiers and airmen, while members of the Resistance helped many to safety.

You took us then into your homes as fugitives and friends, we took you forever into our hearts. This strong bond will continue long after we are all gone.

1944 ~ September ~ 1994

6 Pounder Anti-Tank which was hit and disabled during the fighting. You can see part of the amour missing and the gun is jammed. The gun was hit just after firing a shell. Below you can compare the armored shield and see which part is missing.

6 Pounder Anti-Tank (See YouTube for video)

And the other side of the 6 Pounder Anti-Tank

Sherman M4A4 at Airborne Museum Hotel Hartenstein




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